Foreleaf (6)


These streets. Crowded with pavement pounders. Strapped to their lost bearings.

Carry only what you must, leave the rest behind. Kinfolk, do become one.

Back in Paris. Proposition 1.0. By curating our surroundings, we are left with relevant elementals. Once all that background noise has been filtered out, a pristine canvas from which to design remains. A new dawn beckons, articulated in a neat range of accessories, versatile and impeccably crafted. No dull archetypes can be found here, but novel takes on well functioning carry-ons.

Constructed with carefully sourced Napa leather, O B E R K A M P F proposes utility pieces for discerning voyagers. These technical cases, totes and rucksacks appraise traditional techniques from a contemporary stance. The exterior sheen analine finish, incapsulates the natural grain, scarring and texture of each individually picked hide. Its deep black shell is attained after a profound soluble dye process, meticulously applied by steady hands in our atelier. Over time, each surface will age aesthetically, forging a deeper bond between the raging elements and the wearer’s individualism.

Patina here merely is decor, not a condition. Turn to the interior, a subtle base, protected by resilient high-shine YKK zips and sturdy hardware, only to reveal heavy duty cotton canvas lining,  sheltering any belongings comfortably. Outside and inside morph together seamlessly, further marking the bags’ pliable and breathable character.

O B E R K A M P F proposes singular pieces, originating from our bespoke love of leather’s unique natural properties. We provide purity within the metropolitan sprawl.  

These urbane essentials invite the scripture of new journeys. Unmistakably.